Prince's parents looked at their only child with tears in their eyes. He is only 1.2 years old, but he has already been through so much. Born with Down Syndrome, he is their little bunch of happiness and they love him more than anything in the world.

But two months ago, their world came crashing down when Prince got pneumonia. His body turned blue and he had a very high fever. In a state of panic, they rushed him to the nearest doctor who advised them to take him to a better hospital for further tests.

They took him to Amrita Hospital in Faridabad, where they received devastating news. Prince had a congenital heart disease (hole in heart) and needed an emergency surgery to save his life. The cost of the surgery is Rs. 2,25,000, a sum that seems impossible for them to afford.

Prince's father is a tailor and earns only Rs. 8,000/- a month. They are not financially stable but managed to gather Rs. 50,000 with the help of Prince's grandparents. However, it is still far from enough.

As Prince's condition continues to deteriorate, his parents are getting filled with fear and desperation. They could not bear to see their child suffer and are struggling to provide him with the care he needs.

They reached out to Diya India Foundation and its kind supporters, hoping for a ray of hope. They plead to come forward and help their little prince receive the life-saving surgery.