Supporting Old Age Homes and Differently Abled Persons

“Seva” is an idea to care for those who cared for us. During old age, people need nothing more than someone to interact with. They have thousands of stories to share but unfortunately no one to share them with. Left and forgotten by families, they seek love and hope. As part of Seva, we cater to the basic needs of senior citizens and provide necessary support to differently abled people and old age homes.

Apart from taking care of their daily needs such as food and clothes, the staff and volunteers of the Diya India Foundation organize musical events to entertain the senior citizens for their emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, every two months, our team of doctors visits Geeta Mandir Old Age Home in Delhi to conduct a routine health check-up for the residents. The foundation provides them with medical advice on general and oral health and hygiene at their doorstep along with medicines free of cost.

There are approximately 69% increase in the number of old age home residents in the last 4 years. Almost 15 million elderly Indians live all alone and close to three-fourths of them are women.