Gift of Mobility

Providing Wheelchairs and Sticks to people who lack Mobility


Millions of people lack mobility and without wheelchair or sticks, their options are limited. There are thousands of underprivileged people who without wheelchair are crawling on the floor and wherever their families go they have to carry them in their arms.
With generous support from our supporters, we have distributed 70 wheelchairs and 30 walking sticks which has provided unbelievable joy to the recipients and their families. With this Gift of Mobility they are one step towards independency.

Smart Canes

India is home to the largest blind population in the world. India currently has around 12 million blind people against 39 million globally -- which makes India home to one-third of the world’s blind population Visually impaired people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them during walking in the street which makes it dangerous.
Diya India Foundation aims to support the inmates of various Blind unions and welfare societies with SmartCane electronic sticks to enable them to safely and confidently navigate in different social and environmental settings and avoid collisions with over-hanging and protruding objects.

Diya India aims to reach as many beneficiaries as they can with support of generous supporters and make a difference in their lives.