Support for Type 1 Diabetes Children

Diya India Foundation has embarked on a new journey to bring in support for the underprivileged children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes who can’t afford a proper and life-long medical treatment to fight this problem.

In its endeavor to support type1 Diabetes kids in India , Diya India Foundation supports the newly diagnosed kid for six months with diabetes supplies like Insulin, Syringes, and Blood Glucose test meters free of cost.

Type 1 Diabetes Scenario in India

The incidence and prevalence of Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is high in India. “The Diabetes Atlas 2017 estimates that there are 128,500 children and adolescents with diabetes in India.”
►The reports reveal that many T1D children die before, or soon after the diagnosis, due to lack of funds, awareness or proper treatment.
► Type 1 Diabetes Children and families need an intensive diabetes education, multiple daily insulin injections, frequent blood glucose monitoring, and societal support rather than discrimination which may be possible for families with enough funds, awareness, status & education, not for the families who can barely two meals a day.

Target Beneficiaries

Keeping in view the Type 1 Diabetes Scenario in India, the foundation would like to reach as many marginalized children with Type 1 Diabetes as possible and provide them with the best financial, emotional and educational support.