You support, We connect

It isn't easy for parents to anticipate in hope that someday their child would hear them. With the “You support, We connect” campaign, Diya India Foundation has taken the initiative to help underprivileged children who are suffering from partial or complete hearing loss raise funds to provide them with hearing aids and hearing implants at Asha Speech and Hearing Clinic in Delhi.
In India, 63 million people (6.3%) suffer from the significant auditory loss. Four in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. Over 100,000 babies are born with hearing deficiency every year.

A person suffering from hearing impairment faces difficulty in perceiving or identifying sound clearly due to auditory problems. The impairment may be unilateral or bilateral.
It was observed that in the case of hearing-impaired children, by the time parents fully understood the nature of the problem and took steps to overcome it, it became too late for a child to acquire language and speech. A child who is denied timely help gets into his/her own shell and gets totally cut off from society.
If a child who is suffering from such condition is given aid under the age of 5 years, the chance for him or her to learn to speak and understand is better than if the procedure is done at a later age.