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Transaction failed, still got confirmation that transaction was a success?

Any confusion regarding the transaction failure and if you have got confirmation, you can contact 011-47041898, 011-45110729, +91 9910446223 between 10.00 to 5.30 in Indian Standard Time (IST) or mail

Does Diya India Foundation accept cash donations?

Diya India accepts cash donations with a limit of 2000 only within Delhi, India. Other than that, we don't collect cash and maintain full transparency

Are my donations eligible for tax exemptions?

  • Diya India Foundation is a registered trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. All donations to Diya India Foundation are eligible for deduction under Section 80 G of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
  • Every donation to Diya India is eligible for a 50% tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax.

How much should I donate?

At Diya India, we deeply appreciate your generosity, and the amount you choose to donate is entirely at your discretion. Your support, regardless of the amount, plays a vital role in making a positive difference in the lives of those we save. Your generosity, big or small, is a testament to your commitment to creating a better world.

Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, Diya India’s website is completely transparent and safe to make online payments.

How does Diya India Foundation ensure that the donor's contribution is being utilized in the intended way?

  • Maintaining open and honest communication with donors. Clearly stating the purpose of their contribution and keeping them updated on how their funds are being used.
  • Keeping accurate financial records and conducting regular audits to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • Keeping detailed records of project budgets, expenditures, and progress.
  • Ensuring that the budget aligns with the donor's intentions.
  • If the donor has specific preferences for how their contribution should be used, Diya India respects those restrictions and allocates the funds accordingly.

What information is sent to the donors?

For our regular donors: We provide details regarding the projects for which funds have to be raised from the time of asking for support and after receiving the support. Our support executive sends new case updates of all our projects, mailers, and newspaper cuttings, as well as daily updates about the distribution drives, receipt transactions, beneficiary/patient pictures, and any kind of information required. For our new donors: We share Diya India’s leaflet, brochure, and our latest newsletter which includes a brief about all of our projects, events, and programs

Will I get any donation receipt for my payment?

Yes, the donor will get an 80G receipt from Diya India Foundation.

What are the different Modes of Payments to donate?

  • Net banking
  • UPI
  • Cheque
  • Cash limit with 20,000 within Delhi, India

Does Diya India Foundation accept donations in USD or Pounds?

We are an FCRA registered organization, so we accept foreign currency in donations

Does Diya India Foundation work in India or other countries too?

Diya India is registered in Delhi, India as Diya India Foundation and was registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Diya Global. Diya India was the first NGO registered in Dubai by the name of Diya Global Foundation.

Does the donation reach the individual directly?

Yes, donations are carefully directed to reach those in need, ensuring that your generosity has a direct and positive impact on individuals and communities. For transparency, we will send you pictures and videos.

What will Diya India Foundation do with my donation?

Diya India has Ten ongoing projects and will use your contribution on the emergency cases for the Aayush project or any other immediate need for other projects

How will my small contribution make a difference?

Even a small contribution can create a big impact. When combined with the support of others, your donation helps us achieve our goals and make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

How can I donate to Diya India Foundation?

You can click on the Donate tab of Diya India Foundation’s website and donate online. For other donations related queries please write to or call at 011-47041898, 011-45110729, +91 9910446223.

Why Donate to Diya India Foundation?

With your support, we can together bring hope, education, healthcare, and a brighter tomorrow to those who need it most. Your donation is not just money; it's a ray of hope in someone's darkest hour, a chance for dreams to flourish, and a path to positive change. Join us in making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities. Your generosity can light up the lives of countless individuals and families, one diya (lamp) at a time.