Mohd Adam

This is a story of a Father whose wife is suffering from Cancer but stood against all odds to give his son a life he deserves. He used to make Pashmina Shawls as an income but some years ago he got a spine injury and now he cannot sit for long.
Parents have no financial source of income. They have a son named Mohd Adam (5 months). One day parents noticed Baby Adam having breathing problems. They took him to the doctor for a checkup.The doctor said to do an echocardiogram test. After doing the test, the doctor said Baby Adam is having Congenital Heart Disease. He needs urgent heart surgery to save his life and the cost of the surgery is 2,42,000/-. This broke the parent's heart as they cannot afford for their son’s medical treatment.
This is their last resort, last hope. They won’t be able to live if something happens to their child. They request Diya India and its supporters to help them and save their only child. Without your help they will not be able to save him.