The moment that changes one's life forever is when they become a parent. It was the same for little Tanishka's parents as well. Today, she is 7 months old and they feel blessed to be her parents.  Destiny, however, had other plans for their family. 2 months ago, Tanishka starting falling sick. She was always down with fever, cold and cough. Even after treatment, she only got worse. The doctors suggested some tests and the parents were shattered when they got to know that she has a hole in her heart. Inspite of a tough life in Kashmir, they took her to her to Amrita Hospital in order to save their only child. The doctors told them that she would need a surgery and the cost would be Rs.4,00,000. Tanishka's father is a daily wage earner making only Rs.6,000 a month. With great efforts, they have been able to arrange Rs.1,50,000 but they are desperately falling short in arranging the remaining amount. We urge our supporters to help them in this difficult time of need.