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Diya India Foundation believes that education is the basic necessity for every individual after food, clothes, and shelter and every child should get equal opportunities to attend school, learn and prosper in life. Sadly, the status quo of education in India is poor with over 8.4 crore children not getting an even basic education due to critical factors like poverty. Gurukul is an initiative by Diya India Foundation to provide education to underprivileged children whose parents cannot afford their schooling. With good teachers, infrastructure, books, and stationery, we ensure that there is no compromise on the quality.

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"Aayush” is an initiative by Diya India which aims at giving the young souls another chance at life. The underprivileged children as young as newborn babies up to the age of 14 who are suffering from Congenital Heart Disease, hearing disabilities, cancer etc. are provided with appropriate medical treatment. The idea behind is to provide advanced healthcare facilities to the children whose parents are in no capacity to afford their treatment."

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India is home to around 100 million senior citizens and 2.9 million differently abled children. Out of this, a large proportion belongs to disadvantaged groups who fail to get their due attention and care. This leads to worse health issues, depression and lack of confidence in them.

Seva is an initiative by the Diya India Foundation to cater to the needs of these groups by supporting old age homes in Delhi and providing the necessary support to the differently abled children. We call it our fight against neglect and deprivation.

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Samridhi is a step towards building a better India where the economically backward sections of the society, especially women are skilful enough to secure better employment and lead a better life ahead. Diya India Foundation supports a Vocational Training Centre at NihalVihar, New Delhi where around 22 women learn essential skills like tailoring, embroidery, and dress designing to grab better job opportunities in the market, become self-reliant, and boosts their confidence.

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Parivartan is a measure taken by the Diya India Foundation for the preservation of the environment with a mission to create a cleaner, safer and pollution-free India. As a part of this, we have initiated several plantations and cleanliness drives all over India with the motto “Go Green”. These drives are not just meant for plantation but also about spreading awareness about the environment and cleanliness, making people realize the significance of clean toilets, clean surroundings, and ways to live disease-free.

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Success Stories

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We are happy to inform you that Aqsa (2 years) who was suffering from Congenital Heart Disease has been treated now and is recovering well. Her procedure bore the amount which was not affordable by her parents. But our supporters came forward in this difficult time and supported her parents with their support and countless blessings. Parents of Aqsa and team of Diya India are extremely grateful to all our supporters.

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With our supporters Kindness and Generosity another life was saved. Meghna who was suffering from Severe Pulmonary Stenosis has been discharged in good health. There are no words to define how grateful we are towards generous contributions and blessings from our supporters.


During my trip to India this March, I had the honor to meet Dr. Vineet Nayyar ji and Dr Neeraj Manchanda ji to talk about Diya India Foundation. I was filled with joy and admiration for the organization after going through the detail of the work Diya India is doing in the field of education, health and welfare of the under privileged...

I’ve always wanted to give back to the society, but something or the other abstained me from it. When you’re investing into a good cause, you’d really want to create an impact. I wanted to make sure, all the effort is not going into vain and Diya India Foundation made sure, with little resources it started making a great impact in the society. I am glad to be associated with Dr. S.C. Manchanda’s trust as education and employment are two major issues that need attention. We expect them to keep on doing the good work and I will continue to support their initiatives!

My Association with Diya is very old and it seems like we are one family weaved together for the betterment and education of the under privileged kids. There are so many kids that haven’t been granted one basic human right i.e. education. We want to take steps towards changing lives, creating an impact, innovate and disrupt. Our future is in the hands of these children and they deserve to become scientists, teachers, doctors, and whatnot. This cannot happen without the support of the privileged. I request more and more people to support Diya India Foundation in their initiatives.

Diya India Foundation is doing great work in various different projects ranging from Healthcare and education to providing assistance for the elderly. I worked in the marketing and sales department and I am very happy with my experience here.

Thanks to Diya India, I got the chance to see and give hands to all those people who have been supported. With all the time I spent with those kids, you can even say they gave me more glorious time than I ever gave them. Hoping more and more people will join hands with Diya India and bring equality in India.

Diya India Foundation is a family working with love for the welfare of the community through its schools, its diagnostic and vocational centers. Become a part of this family has been a privilege where I have had the opportunity to get closer to Indian society and understand more about this fascinating culture.

Thanks to Diya India Foundation for giving me the chance to witness social change and impact lives with social good. I went to school several times and was lucky to see fabulous performances by kids. Words are just not enough to express, happy to see those kids enjoy themselves.

My work experience in Diya India Foundation has been really positive. The team is kind and works with passion. It was my pleasure to work in this organisation and make a difference to many lives in the slum areas of Delhi.

Never have I been so close to an NGO and I feel lucky to work as an intern in this dedicated, fruitful organization. They are spreading the light of hope and care to wherever they find the darkness of anguish and despair. Working for Diya India Foundation has changed my life.

Working with Diya India Foundation makes me face the tough reality of India. I was glad to be part of the organisation which aims at enhancing the lives of the underprivileged people in every sphere. It was really moving to see how the organization has completely changed their lives.

The Foundation is constantly putting hard work to improve the lives of the underprivileged. I feel lucky to be involved with Diya India and will continue to support and advocate for them because I know that the work they do truly enriches the lives of the vulnerable.

Diya India foundation is consistently working for the less fortunate people and I am grateful to them for making me this opportunity of changing lives. I hope more and more people can support Diya India and make India better together.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we came to visit, but I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I was with the program. The school was organized and well run, and the children were both happy and learning! The commitment of the teachers, administrators, and volunteers of the organization was admirable. We were able to witness firsthand the significant impact they are making on the overall community as well, between food programs, community education, and providing medical services and elder care to a community that badly needs it.

During my recent trip to India, I had a chance to volunteer with Diya India Foundation. I was quite impressed with their initiatives in education and elder healthcare. I really enjoyed interacting with the kids and the elderly. The Foundation has other outreach programs as well throughout the Delhi slums. Needless to say, my experience during our two week stay was incredibly positive.The staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide education, basic health care and empowerment opportunities to the underprivileged residents.