Habiba’s parent were overjoyed to learn that they were going to become parents again. Already with a daughter, their family was thrilled to welcome a new member. However, their happiness lasted only for a short while. When Habiba was 1 year old, they noticed that she was having difficulty breathing. They took her to the nearby hospital, where the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia and prescribed medicine. Unfortunately, her breathing problems worsened. The doctor recommended taking her to Paras Hospital for further tests.
After the tests, she was diagnosed with Severe Valvular PS, and the doctors informed them that in order to save her life, she needed surgery costing Rs. 2,00,000/-. They were shocked as they were very poor and couldn't arrange the funds for the surgery. Habiba's father worked as an E-rickshaw driver, earning only 4 to 5 thousand rupees a month.
Despite reaching out to family and friends for help, they received no response. With each passing day, Habiba grew weaker. Desperately, they folded their hands and appealed to Diya India Foundation and its supporters to help their daughter and save her life.