Aarav is a 6-year-old boy. Suddenly, one day, when he came back from school, he had a very high fever and cough. Aarav was taken right away to a local hospital by his parents. The doctor informed them that he had a cardiac condition after running the necessary tests. The doctor advised taking him to a reputable hospital because they don’t have as many facilities and more tests need to be performed. Aarav's parents immediately took him to Amrita Hospital, where the doctors informed them that he has ventricular septal defects (VSD) and needs cardiac surgery. The cost of the surgery will be Rs. 2,50,000. Aarav's parents were in disbelief at what they had heard, and his father started crying. His father works in a small private office, while Aarav's mother is a housewife. His monthly income is only Rs 12,000. They have spent a lot of money trying to help his older brother, who is deaf and dumb, but there is still no cure, and they merely manage to meet their needs. They are unable to afford the procedure. We kindly ask the good people who have been supporting us to step forward at this crucial time and offer Aarav another chance at happiness and a fulfilling life.