Rita Kaul Director –The Millennium School
“Having been associated to Diya Foundation since its inception, it amazes me to see the passion and dedication with which the organization has succeeded in sharing its vision and attaining its mission. Being born in a poor family & to get skilled education is a great challenge in our country. Most of us ignore the fact that until & unless this strata of society does not move with the mainstream, India would carry the label of Developing Country forever! I , therefore, congratulate & applaud Dr Manchanda’s team & all the members who believe in dedicating themselves to educate the poorest of the poor & at the same time take care of their health & socio-emotional needs. This effort will ensure that each & every child nurtured by the foundation will become self-reliant & would lead a dignified life in near future.”

Ashok H Garg Managing Director - ASKA GROUP
“Education & Employment are the two main aspects usually for anyone. But gaining knowledge and taking a bold decision to setup an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with limited resources and with a genuine purpose of improving the living standards of the less privileged children by giving them shelter, food, healthy conditions, education, merits a standing ovation
I had the privilege of visiting the School run by Diya India Foundation at Nihal Vihar in Delhi. Consequent to the visit my thoughts of Diya India Foundation have totally been changed. Diya is providing quality education to less privileged children so they can have equal opportunities as privileged children. They put in good amount of efforts into the schools they choose for the children so that the students fit in not just academically but also socially. They have ensured that the children imbibe high standards of values and principles. Diya is providing excellent and high standard of infrastructure to the children in their Class Rooms, Computer Labs etc. Basically, the environment & ambience of Diya is that of nurture and growth.
I hope if some Dignitaries join hands with Diya, they can do much better to the less privileged children not just to excel academically but also to participate in many extra-curricular activities which considering their financial background they would never achieved otherwise.”

Milanpreet Kaur Miss India USA Washington - Forever in Service,
During my trip to India this March, I had the honor to meet Dr. Vineet Nayyar ji and Dr Neeraj Manchanda ji to talk about Diya India Foundation. I was filled with joy and admiration for the organization after going through the detail of the work Diya India is doing in the field of education, health and welfare of the under privileged.
I also got a chance to visit Chetan Vidya Mandir School in New Delhi run by the organization for children from the nearby slum area and was stunned to see the quality of education and infrastructure. Educational material adorned the walls as the teachers taught the neatly dressed students subjects like computers, English, Science, Social Studies etc. The amenities were clean including the washrooms and that was very impressive. While interacting with the students in the science lab and classrooms, I felt proud of the work Diya foundation is doing by giving these kids a chance of a better future.
Thanks for having me over to witness a proof of the dedication and sincerity of the organization which now I am proud to be a part of as a Goodwill Ambassador. they would never achieved otherwise.”