Providing Vocational Training to the Underprivileged Youth

Due to lack of focus on skill building, a large number of youths in the country are still unemployed, most of them coming from lower strata of the economy that are only able to attain basic education, if at all. The situation is even worse for women, who do not get equal opportunity in the job industry, making them economically dependent on others.
Samridhi is a step towards building a better India where the economically backwards sections of the society, especially women are skilful enough to secure better employment and lead a better life ahead. Diya India Foundation supports a Vocational Training Centre at Nihal Vihar, New Delhi where around 22 women learn essential skills like tailoring, embroidery, and dress designing to grab better job opportunities in the market, become self-reliant, and boost their confidence.
With a firm belief that our country can only prosper when both men and women will equally participate in the economy irrespective of their economic and social classes, we have concrete plans to expand our horizons by honing individuals for job interviews, initial entry procedures etc. We are also coming up with courses like ITES, Retail, and Hospitality for such youth which will prepare them to be competitive and make them eligible for good jobs.
#ProudToBleed is an initiative by Diya India Foundation for providing Menstrual Hygiene and Spreading Awareness among the underprivileged girls in India aiming at educating women that it is a normal biological phenomenon. Adolescent girls and women should understand that they have the power of procreation only because of this virtue.
 To Demystify Menstruation in India and Provide Menstrual Hygiene Products to Underprivileged girls and women for safe and happy Periods.
 To identify the target areas where women are still relying on unhygienic means like unsanitized cloth, rags and ashes and organize awareness sessions for them.
 To provide Sanitary Pads to them free of cost every month so that there is no risk to their health
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