CSR Tie-ups

We organize seminars to create awareness among all companies and employees about the importance of CSR and their role and responsibility towards the social welfare of weaker sections. It promotes how they can associate with NGOs to work towards the benefits of underprivileged and bring in a change in some one’s life. Our seminar concludes with the different ideas through which corporates and their employees can help our children attain healthy and better life.


Payroll Giving is a fund raising mechanism which enables employees to donate to Diya India Foundation from pre-taxed earnings thereby generating regular and reliable income for our charity. Payroll giving enables employees to make regular donations from their pay to our NGO. Payroll Giving is a completely voluntary program wherein the employees decide the amount (Min. Rs. 500) as well as the duration.


A corpus fund denotes a permanent fund kept for the basic expenditures needed for the administration and survival of the organization. The corpus fund is generally not allowed to be utilized but the interest/dividend accrued on such funds can be utilized as well as accumulated. It is the amount donated by a donor with a specific direction that it shall form part of the corpus of the trust or institution. A sizeable corpus fund shall reduce our financial vulnerability and thus assure long term existence. Moreover, keeping in view the current and future activities it shall facilitate smooth functioning of our organization.


  •  Company employees can visit our school, play school, GRC Centre and Vocational training centre and run a continuous programme for English classes for the beneficiaries.
  •  Employees can hold regular computer sessions for the beneficiaries, specially undergoing Computer training in our centre.
  •  Employees can organise awareness sessions for our students to create personal and social awareness – on topics like ‘prevention of diseases’, ‘drug abuse’, ‘evils of alcoholism and tobacco’, ‘gender sensitization’, etc.
  •  Employees can visit our centre during festival celebrations and annual day celebrations to increase the self-confidence of the beneficiaries.
  •  Employees can hold family counselling workshops in our centre to teach the beneficiaries the importance of resources and financial pressure on economy because of high population.
  •   Employees can hold workshops in our school and centre and introduce the beneficiaries to Rights and Government schemes for their benefits.
  •  Employees can be a source of emotional support to the beneficiaries and provide guidance on relationship issues, especially to women beneficiaries at GRC centre.