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Has child marriage really disappeared from the country?

While UNICEF defines different types of violations of Human Rights, Child marriage is one such crime which is being committed in India since ancient times. Even after the Indian government has imposed a number of laws against child abuse, people still use marriage as an escape to their hardships in life. A marriage is considered illegal when the girl is below 18 and boy is below 21 years of age. The marriage of innocent children is not just concerned with the marital union but gives rise to a number of national issues which restricts India to obtain development.

There are many other factors associated with child marriage. Usually, in the child marriage, girls get pregnant at a very young age which brings early death to the mother as well as the infant. Even if they survive, the child is supposed to die within a year because he takes birth in the poor nutritional environment. Moreover, if both the mother and the child live all healthy, they tend to become a big reason for the growing population of the country.

Even though there is a huge impact of the legal actions and awareness campaigns as the child marriage has reduced to 27% in India (according to UNICEF), there are still millions of families who are planning their child’s marriage at a ‘play age’. Marriage is not the game of dolls but a serious commitment which changes one's life entirely. It needs to stop because it could destroy the future of innumerable lives.

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