By Admin | Posted on: 2018-08-07 16:25:00

Education in India

We live in a country where people believe more in stereotypes than in facts and reasons. With highest illiteracy rate, India cannot be termed as a fast growing nation where millions of people are unable to access even the basic education. The situation is getting worse as the children, whom we considered the future of the nation, are not been educated like their elders.

Girls are dealing with poorer situation as they have to go through gender inequality along with the restricted educative rights. Among 135 countries around the world, India has secured 123rd rank for women literacy rate. Nonetheless, a number of women are not been educated because of various ideologies lead by the society.

There are lakhs of schools located in every corner of the country yet, despite going to school regularly, a large population do not obtain quality education. Expect employing more teachers and constructing more schools, there is a need to concentrate more on the teaching quality in the schools. Even our honourable PM Sir. NarendraModi believes that quality and quantity can never go hand in hand. Also, by looking at the literacy situation in India, he says that we should occupy more time on quality of education rather than quantity.  


Not a single group or system can be blamed for the failure as we all are responsible for it. So, let’s come together and bring a change in society by spreading the need of education in the world.

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