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Male rapes in India- An Untouched subject

While we fight for women’s rights, we usually forget about those innocent men who go through the same scenario that a helpless girl goes through. This might be funny for a huge part of the Indian population because we live in the stereotypical ideology in which men is supposed to be more powerful than women. But the situation is serious and worse than we can ever think of. We are busy protesting against women rape which leave no room for male rape victims.


After the rape of very young girls in different parts of the country, PM NarendraModi imposed a law of death penalty to diminish the public anger. However, the ordinance did not mentioned the assaults on boys. Many social workers and Government officials blame the cops as well as the legal bodies for not considering sexual abuse on boys as equal as that on girls. Once a government official argued for necessary laws and orders which should be gender neutral. He stated that “whatever applies to girls will apply to boys.” StutiKacker, Head of National Commission for Protection of Child rights (supported by the govt) said that police officers are regularly trained to handle sexual abuse may that be related to a male or female. Also, they participate in the workshops which is conducted to protect all the children, irrespective of gender.

In the patriarchal society of India, girls are the ones who experience restricted upbringing within the domestic circumference. In this situation, boys often have the independence which is considered unnecessary for girls. This independence makes easier for perverts to target boys. They are left crushed for lifetime. There are many reasons behind such cases which remain unreported and one major fact is the stereotypical ideology of homosexual relationship. Parents keep the case confidential because they are afraid of disgrace associated with homosexual intercourse. Also, they do not care about it much because the boy isn’t going to be pregnant or their masculine image do not fit in the frame of a victim. According to 2007 survey, 53% of all the sexually abused children are boys, out of which, a lot of cases remain unreported.

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