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Support for Education

There are people who work hard to survive in this cruel world. Despite working hard, Shree LalJha’s life is down in the dumps because he has no hope to seek an optimistic vision in life. In the family of 4 members, nobody, even Shree Lal, is able to earn a living to make the ends meet for the family’s survival. 

Shree Jha has spent all his savings and income on her wife’s treatment who was fighting with cancer but could not defeat it. However, the illness was not only limited to his wife, Shree Lal started falling ill frequently as well. Belonging to Below Poverty Line sector, the wife’s death and Shree Lal’s poor physical condition has been a big pitfall for the family as their lives are doomed in darkness forever.

Education is considered the most illuminating element of a happy life which is quite difficult for the kids of Jha family to obtain. Sailesh, 9 years old, is unable to grab even the basic education because his admission in the next class was cancelled due to unpaid fee. Moreover, the impact is falling on his younger brother who is currently on the verge of experiencing similar situation his brother, Sailesh, went through. Nitish, 7-years-old, is currently pursuing his primary education but is scared to lose the privilege he is getting now. 

Shree Jha’s life is all ill-fated with wife’s death, his poor health and his inability to educate his children. His Neighbour, Keshav Kumar, came to know about Diya India Foundation and was considerate enough to approach us to support the education of Nitish and Sailesh.


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