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Women Empowerment

When we look at the primitive times, it is quite observable how Indian women had an eventful journey to the present. From what we have read in mythology and history to what we come across everyday in modern times, women have persistently fought for equal rights because of which some of them are holding high positions in the country. Today, however, despite achieving so much in the world, there are still innumerable women who are being tortured in the name of superstitions and orthodox beliefs. 

In the country where female is worshipped as a deity, there are enormous families and communities who consider a girl child a bad omen to their fate. That apart, a matrimonial union is considered her ultimate aim of life. The personal choice of a relationship as marriage is disregarded as a women’s choice and forcefully necessitated by the society. Even if it is disliked, unfavoured or even, sometimes, traumatic for them. The choice to pursue education and career is rarely considered a valuable decisive move for them. Despite these odds, the transformative journey of moulding society’s mindset and the status of women has been affirmingly positive though the journey’s end is still very distant. Modern woman is not limited to fixed domestic jobs just because she is not equally physically strong as males. Her abilities are now better realised and are shattering the patriarchal barriers obstructing one gender for cons.

A single, divorced or widowed woman is not equally well-received by most. Given a little more space and acceptance for developing her potential and earn for herself and her family, the deviation from the ‘landmark’ of marriage still invites dismissive and unapproving societal countrances.

Summing it up, conquering the setbacks is challenging for women but a persevering attitude, backed with the strong foundation of elementary education, can continue to be the game changer, leading us to our ideal future. 

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