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An Open letter to Everyone Who Has the Potential to Change this Society

Since pre-historical times, we are living in an unequal society. A society where one section is always preferred over the other, one rules while the other subjugates. Class, Caste, Race, Religion and Gender disparities have fragmented the human society in so many ways that today the complete unification seems impossible.

It is a truism that social movements, protests, and amendments in laws have brought many reformations like Women getting the political and education rights, poor getting rights to shelter, food & clothing, and caste and race systems getting completely annihilated by the law. But the question is, has the goal of creating a society where everyone irrespective of their socio-economic status is treated equal and gets equal opportunity been achieved?

It’s a NO. Sadly, it’s a No. We are still living in a world where 2000 baby girls are killed inside the womb every day, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18 while their brothers continue their education, a lot of Dalit students commit suicide because of biased treatments, 57 million children don’t attend school, millions die because of lack of healthcare facilities and people are ready to kill each other in the name of religion. We are still living in a society where we are constantly being judged and are constantly judging others based on their background instead of being each other’s support.

While most of us continue enjoying our privileges without caring a bit about the status quo of disadvantaged groups, there are few who do feel the need of change. Yet, this group of empaths too do not go beyond their sympathetic words.

This letter is an appeal to everyone to stop ranting and start turning their concerns into actions, actions which will change the face of this society. It is your bold step that can end someone’s misery and bring a radical transformation in this society. Don’t be afraid to take that one bold decision, my dear friend!

If you are a little confused about where to begin from, here’s a few options to start with:

1.  Don’t think littering is okay, take a pledge to never throw the garbage on roads and don’t let others too.

2.  Don’t just sympathize with your maid when she is experiencing domestic violence, take a pledge to educate her about the laws

3.  Don’t ignore illiteracy among children, take a pledge to spend a few hours every week and teach a child of your neighbourhood slum to read and write

4.  Don’t take the environment for granted, take a pledge to plant a tree on your birthday each year

5.  Do not propagate casteism, take a pledge to abandon untouchability and treat everyone equal

6.  Don’t disrespect women, take a pledge to treat them as equals

7.  Don’t neglect your parents and elderly, take a pledge to spend some quality time with them every day


If you choose to care today, you will see a big difference tomorrow and be proud of the change that you have brought.

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