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ProudToBleed: Making India's Underprivileged Girls Safe, Confident and Proud to Bleed'

Menstruation is one of the most natural phenomena in a woman’s body. Despite this fact, it has always been an awkward topic in India, everyone knows about it but no one talks about it. Patriarchy did not leave a chance to term the menstruating women as IMPURE. The impure women thus have been subjected to various social, religious and cultural restrictions.

Some of the most disgusting ones include not entering the temple and kitchen, not touching the pickles, sleeping on bare floors, not participating in important functions etc.

In the modern progressive India where things are apparently changing, do you know who still suffers the most? The underprivileged girls and women who can neither afford Sanitary Napkins nor continue acting in normalcy during menstruation.

If Statistics are to be believed,

Around 23% of Indian girls between the age group 12-18 drop out of school when they start menstruating

88% women use unsanitized cloth during their periods because of lack of knowledge and shame and unaffordability of high-quality sanitary products.

What is #ProudToBleed?

#ProudToBleed is a campaign by Diya India Foundation to provide Sanitary Care to Underprivileged Girls in Delhi and break the taboo related to it with special awareness programs.

The campaign is in its first phase and plans to reach out to the remotest and most underdeveloped parts of the country to empower girls and women there during their menstruation in its subsequent changes.

Why #ProudToBleed?

Menstrual taboo and unaffordability of sanitary care make underprivileged girls and women all the more vulnerable, uncomfortable and ashamed of their bodies. The name #ProudToBleed is a reminder to every woman that Menstruation is a natural phenomenon and is a celebration of womanhood. There is nothing wrong with it and hence every woman must be proud of her body, her ability to reproduce and also, #ProudToBleed.

How Can You Be a Part of #ProudToBleed?


Here are two simple ways you can become a part of this nationwide campaign:

Donate a small amount Rs. 300 or above to Diya India for buying Sanitary Napkins for Underprivileged girls.

Organize a collection drive of sanitary napkins at your office/residence and contact us for a pickup.

Who will be benefitted?

The campaign will benefit 100 Underprivileged Girls in Arya Kanya Gurukul, Delhi in its first phase.

It’s time for you to take that bold step and do something for your needful sisters.

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