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Has child marriage really disappeared from the country?

While UNICEF defines different types of violations of Human Rights, Child marriage is one such crime which is being committed in India since ancient times. Even after the Indian government has imposed a number of laws against child abuse, people still use marriage as an escape to their hardships in life. A marriage is considered illegal when the girl is below 18 and boy is below 21 years of age. The marriage of innocent children is not just concerned with the marital union but gives rise to a number of national issues which restricts India to obtain development.


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Education in India

We live in a country where people believe more in stereotypes than in facts and reasons. With highest illiteracy rate, India cannot be termed as a fast growing nation where millions of people are unable to access even the basic education. The situation is getting worse as the children, whom we considered the future of the nation, are not been educated like their elders. 


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Male rapes in India- An Untouched subject

While we fight for women’s rights, we usually forget about those innocent men who go through the same scenario that a helpless girl goes through. This might be funny for a huge part of the Indian population because we live in the stereotypical ideology in which men is supposed to be more powerful than women. But the situation is serious and worse than we can ever think of. We are busy protesting against women rape which leave no room for male rape victims.


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Support for Education

There are people who work hard to survive in this cruel world. Despite working hard, Shree LalJha’s life is down in the dumps because he has no hope to seek an optimistic vision in life. In the family of 4 members, nobody, even Shree Lal, is able to earn a living to make the ends meet for the family’s survival. 


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Women Empowerment

When we look at the primitive times, it is quite observable how Indian women had an eventful journey to the present. From what we have read in mythology and history to what we come across everyday in modern times, women have persistently fought for equal rights because of which some of them are holding high positions in the country. Today, however, despite achieving so much in the world, there are still innumerable women who are being tortured in the name of superstitions and orthodox beliefs. 


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ProudToBleed: Making India's Underprivileged Girls Safe, Confident and Proud to Bleed'

Menstruation is one of the most natural phenomena in a woman’s body. Despite this fact, it has always been an awkward topic in India, everyone knows about it but no one talks about it. Patriarchy did not leave a chance to term the menstruating women as IMPURE. The impure women thus have been subjected to various social, religious and cultural restrictions.


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