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We at Diya India Foundation strongly believe that quality education is a necessity for all children. Education can embed a sense of responsibility among the children of our society and make them responsible citizens. For us education is a powerful tool of transformation. Education can change an individual’s life and can further act as an agent of transformation for the society. It can help in setting a strong foundation for the future. This strong belief in education has motivated us use this tool of transformation in the best possible way.

Through our initiative Gurukul we are imparting quality education to those who cannot afford it. We aim to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to transform his or her life through education. Our journey of spreading education began with meager resources, but now with time and support of everyone who believed in us, we have been able to achieve something substantial. Our two schools, Chetan Vidya Mandir and Chetan Playway School are a statement of what we have achieved so far. We have also been able to adopt several schools in rural India to ensure proper functioning of the schools and dissemination of quality education so that the Underprivileged can compete with their more fortunate counterparts on an even footing and can become responsible citizens.


We have taken the right steps so far and this journey has been very worthwhile thanks to our sponsors who have backed us at every step. Their invaluable support ensures that we achieve more in the future.


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