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Seva - Support to Old Age Home and Differently Able

Providing care to elders and differently-able people has always been a topic very close to our hearts. Elders and differently-able people have a different set of requirements. Our elders on one hand are at a stage where they need care and affection while differently-able on the other end needs motivation and support. We understand the difference in their needs and try to provide them the kind of support that ensures their betterment. Diya India Foundation has tie-ups with various old age homes through which we put smile on their faces.

Diya helping the aged

  • Distributing clothes and daily need items
  • Arranging free medical check-ups
  • Providing medical support
  • Spending quality time with the aged

Diya supporting visually challenged and differently-able

  • Providing free ration to visually challenged students.
  • Providing tape recorders and other accessories to help them in their studies.
  • Providing guidance for vocational training to visually challenged students.
  • Providing wheel chairs and callipers etc. for the differently-able children.
  • Giving financial support

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