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Samridhi - 'Skill Development Centers and Adoption of Villages'

Skill development can be viewed as an instrument to improve the effectiveness and contribution of labor to the overall development of the country. Recognizing that India's future growth will depend on a much greater supply of skilled workers than is currently available, the Indian government has adopted a radically ambitious plan to increase the skills of Indian workers: the National Policy for Skill Development, adopted in 2009, aims to create a skilled workforce of 500 million people by 2022.

With this aim, Diya India Foundation has been constantly working to provide skill training to the underprivileged section of the society so that they can earn for themselves and have a financial stand in life. Training the youth of the country, with a special emphasis on women, to make them self - sustainable is definitely the need of an hour.

Diya India Foundation runs its Vocational Training Center at Nihal Vihal. The center has been training women in dress making, tailoring, bag making, beautician and embroidery courses for them to enhance their skill and earn their livelihood. We plan to extend our horizon in skill development by preparing individuals for initial entry into employment and specialized occupation. Courses like ITES, retail and hospitality will be offered to make the youth of the country self-sustainable. Diya NGO will also help them with placement post training. Skill development of the working population is a priority. We have also extended our help by providing them different platforms to not only showcase their talent but also sell it emphasizing on women empowerment.

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