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Parivartan - Go Green

We understand the importance of the environment to human existence. Diya India Foundation under its Project Parivartan, has 'Go Green' as one of its objectives. 'Go Green' has been created to raise the awareness on the environment hazards we are facing today. There are many ways we can save our earth and prevent it from being completely destroyed.

Our earth has lost a massive ideal environment for both animals and human to survive. This is an ironic situation where something must be done to replace for all the damages. Diya’s ‘Go Green' is to ensure the earth will be a better place to live in future. Planting a tree is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively change the environment. There can never be enough numbers of trees on earth.

As part of this mission we have initiated several plantation and cleanliness drives all over India. We also conduct special sessions in these cleanliness drives that provide information on personal hygiene and cleanliness. We emphasize on providing clean toilets, constructing separate toilets for girls in schools and on educating people about the necessity of hygiene for a healthy and disease free life.

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