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Jeevan - Health is Wealth

Even after decades of freedom, India is still struggling to provide basic health services to its people. Diya India Foundation continues to work towards to the basic healthcare of the underprivileged community. At Diya India Foundation, we are on a mission to ensure that every individual has an access to healthcare especially those who otherwise go untreated due to their economic conditions. It is for this reason that we concentrate our efforts in remote areas where most deprived and disadvantaged people live. This mission has led us to focus and segment the areas that lack proper healthcare facilities due to which several people are forced to face the consequences of their health issues.

Through Jeevan we try to do our bit to improve the situation of healthcare access. To back us up in this social initiative we are supported by an efficient team of doctors who are well equipped with all medical facilities. We also organize regular awareness camps for AIDS, de-addiction drives, free health check-ups, and yoga camps at different locations.

Lack of knowledge about medical issues and diseases is one of the major reasons behind delay in medical check-up, which results in fatalities.

It hence becomes important to create awareness. Therefore we carry out awareness drives across the country through the medium of street plays and theater. We run our health and diagnostic center, Man Mohini Kaul located at Nihal Vihar in New Delhi. We have conducted several health camps and more than 10,000 people have gone through basic health check-up including blood test, eye check-up, general health check-up and counseling.

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