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The Festival of Lights

This Festival of Lights was initiated by making sincere efforts for lighting up the world of these less fortunate children of the slums who still find reasons to smile even in their deprived day to day life. Like other festivals and events, the children were made to understand the origin behind the start of this Diwali, its meaning and significance which is to move from darkness to light and spread and share the light of wisdom, love, peace and prosperity with each other to make a better society.


The children, with the help of their teachers, very enthusiastically take part in the preparations of the festival. They put up the traditional Lantern which is self-made by them, they also make beautiful and colourful rangoli and decorated with diyas, candles and flowers.


With the onset of darkness as soon as we all light up the diyas and candles, the whole place comes alive not only with the brightness of the diyas or string of colourful lights all around but also with the energy of the children. Sweets, candles and sparklers are distributed to them and sharing the immense joy that their face radiates is a sight to behold.


Together, everyone in ChetanVidyaMandir School and ChetanPlayway School celebrated the occasion with a wholesome experience as these little angels help us realize the joy of sharing, the need to be grateful and the real essence of the festival of Deepawali.

Workshop on Say no to Crackers

Diya India Foundation conducted a workshop on "SAY NO TO CRACKERS" in ChetanVidyaMandir School to create awareness on the ill-effects of firecrackers on humans, environment and animals. We also gave them some tips to save the environment and how eco-friendly Diwali can be celebrated. On the spot students expressed their concern and said words with deep commitment that they won’t allow their parents to buy crackers.

Students showed full support and enthusiasm by supporting this cause by making posters and  spread the message of "Say No to Fire Crackers"  in their locality.

Joy of Giving

Students of Millennium School did a noble cause by starting a campaign “Joy of Giving”, wherein the kids of Millennium School visit the ChetanVidyaMandir School and donate their used books in good conditions. Every book donated makes a big difference to someone in need  And that is why we encourage any size of contribution, even if it is just one book! 

Health Check Up Camps

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. With the support of Dr.NeerajManchanda and Dr.PayalManchanda, ManmohiniKaul Diagnostic Center&Diya India organised a free health camp at old age home New Rajinder Nagar where 60 old age ladies were seen. Free daily use items were also distributed.

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