Proud to Bleed Event

Every women go through the painful period of the month but only few get the privilege to obtain sufficient hygiene and care. However, in this difficulty, named as menstruation, a women often go through other burdens of the patriarchal society. In order to provide necessary hygiene and comfort, Diya India Foundation steps forward to debunk the menstrual myths prevailing in India.
As an initiative #Proudtobleed, the Foundation distributed free sanitary napkins in slum area of NihalVihar in Delhi on 22 September 2017. Along with the distribution, there were also sessions and talks which were organised in order to aware females about the necessity of menstrual hygiene. Moreover, the environment lightened when Saloni Chopra, a feminist and actor, encouraged the environment with her efforts. She was very fascinated with the initiative and was excited for collaborating with Diya India. As a request, she claimed, “there is a need to talk more about menstrual hygiene to the men and women around you. Your maids, their daughters, your drivers, your watchman, and every other person that you think you interact with daily that doesn’t understand the important. Talk to your sons too. It is important for us to raise boys that don't get grossed out or disgust by periods.” Apart from that, a magnificent street play performed by NukadNatakMandli- Sukhmanch inspired people from the core of how to deal with the period and how it is not a taboo anymore.
With the contribution of Saloni Chopra, Sukhmanch team and supporters, Diya India is successfully moving forward to bring a change in the society. Now on, we pledge to work harder to support such needy women.