Health on Wheels

An action holds value in the time of its occurrence. If it's timely, it's valuable and if not, it turns worthless.
Health on Wheels is the initiative ideated on these lines. Healthcare is primarily essential for life to sustain and prosper but only when it is extended at the right time. As conceptualised by Diya India Foundation, remote rural aress and slums in and around Delhi and NCR will be at the receiving end of the service that will reach them via fully equipped Mobile Medical Vans. They will be able to provide healthcare services ranging from preventive and diagnostic to curative and promotive. That will be inclusive of everything between nutritional counselling and blood sample examinations to ante-natal and OPD services. Free medicine distribution and awareness camps will go on alongside, aiding the cause of disease-free and healthy living for all.
Be a part of the endeavour and extend support in any measure you can. For donations, visit