Health Camp – Jahangirpuri

You don’t need to be at your lowest to get help. Taking help the moment you notice a lapse in your emotional and mental well-being is the best time to come out of the health problem you are in unscathed. But despite our better judgement, there are millions of people in India who have left their physical, mental and emotional setbacks in the hands of fate because of their poor economic state.
Diya India Foundation in its mission to offer medical and healthcare support to the underprivileged people living in the slums of Delhi organize Health Camps in the various remote parts of Delhi to free medical care services and medicines where access and availability to affordable health care services are scarce.
Our mobile medical van reached the slums of Jahangirpuri on 25th January 2020 where more than 100 people were benefitted with the free general check-up, BMI testing, medicines, and blood tests all under the supervision of expert doctors and physicians.
The health camp also included an enlightening awareness session on menstrual hygiene and menstrual management accompanied by low-cost sanitary pad distribution to over 70+ adolescent girls and women of the area taking forward the bandwidth and voice of our Proud to Bleed initiative.