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Core Team

Graphic Designer
Jagriti is a professional working in the field of designing with experience of more than 4 years in the field. She has been showing her excellence in work and her strong command over designing at Diya India Foundation. She is responsible for the designing of all the printing material, promotional collateral, advertising material and also the informative and creative media kits. Jagriti is a very hard working and reliable member of the team whose creative approach and skills help us gather applauds all across.

Admin. Head
Prem Singh is the Admin head at Diya India Foundation looking after all the administrative work very sincerely. A dynamic personality with 18 years of experience is a strong pillar of Diya India. Mr. Prem Singh has given more than 7years of dedication and hard work to Diya India Foundation and holds a very strong role in making Diya a renowned organization as it is today. Under his supreme guidance all the admin work goes smooth may it be transportation, general discipline, liasioning work or maintaining the security of the organization and its staff members.

Principal, Chetan Vidya Mandir
Jasmine Arora is a very sincere and balanced human being with experience of more than 10 years as a principal in Chetan Vidya Mandir, school run by Diya India giving primary education to the underprivileged children.She does complete justification to her role and responsibilities. She has a complete hold upon the leadership, teacher evaluation, student discipline, and the overall smooth running of the school. Being a principal is hard working and is time consuming and jasmine Arora takes it up in a very balanced manner. Being a responsible principal she ensures the best steps to benefit all constituents involved.

Consultant,Skill Development
Shadab is associated with Diya India Foundation from the beginning years of Diya India Foundation and provides the guidance and supervision in the field of project consultancy. He is the mind behind the maximum projects undertaken by Diya India. He not only provides assistance for Government related projects but also help in planning and execution of the projects at micro level too. The overall planning, budgeting, resources and detailed plan of action for the execution and smooth running of the project are done under his supreme guidance. He is a very knowledgeable person with a very active and strong social circle.

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