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Message from our visionary

Padmashree Dr. S.C. Manchanda, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Diya is not just a foundation for me. It is a way of expressing my gratitude to the society that has given me so much love and respect. I have always felt that it is my duty to give back to our society. While setting up the foundation I met a lot of people who shared my vision for an ideal society and wanted to bring about realistic positive change. These people are now part of my team and they treat this foundation as their own. They now share my responsibilities and work for the betterment of our society with great vigor and rigor. Without their support the success of this foundation would have been a distant dream.

Our foundation has always stood as a ray of hope for those who are struggling to exist. We will continue to give them hope and ensure that they can view their lives as a blessing. The foundation today has grown in all respects and we are now able to focus on some crucial areas that are a major concern for the society. I am proud about the fact that today Diya India foundation is not just ensuring education for the Underprivileged but it is also saving many young lives. Our foundation is enabling women to support their families and is ensuring that there are proper sanitation facilities for every individual. We have been able to provide healthcare to the Underprivileged and take care of our elders and differently abled.

We have achieved a lot till date, but our mission will not be complete till the time we see all faces around us smiling and nobody loses the courage to fight the adversities of life.

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