Welcome to Diya India


Our initiatives have brought a positive impact in the lives of many. We feel that we have just covered the first few steps of a long & arduous road. During this journey we were able to educate the future leaders of our society, take care of those who have spent their entire lives contributing towards our society, provide healthcare to those who could not afford it, make sanitation for all a possibility, cure ailments that could have taken away precious young lives and teach the underprivileged that it is not hard to live with dignity.

We have been fortunate to have all the necessary support from our partners and volunteers. Their support helped us conduct some successful campaigns that have shaped many lives. As we move forward with confidence and determination we look forward to continued support from our sponsors, partners & volunteers so that we can expand the limits of our programs and touch the lives of many more people. Our plans for the future include running our current initiatives on a larger scale. Also we would be taking up many more initiatives for the betterment of our community.

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